General Topics

The company, research and history

Synchroline is born from the research and development laboratories of General Topics

General Topics, founded in 1992, is a company dedicated to the Research and Development of scientifically proven solutions for the treatment of different skin problematics. The company finds its origin in the pharmacy and hereto it continues to address its attention and its resources.

In the Thinking House of General Topics, at San Felice del Benaco on the shores of Lake Garda, the complete product cycle of Synchroline products takes place, which includes research, development and manufacturing.

SYNCHROLINE – Scientifically Proven Skin Benefits is fruit of thorough research that is applied at all levels of creation and development of the product and which takes in account the correlation between scientific and technological aspects with the goal to realise safe, effective and efficient products.

Scientific Approach

The scientific approach during the phase of research and development of the SYNCHROLINE products is defined in the concept of a synchronized effect: the association between two or more functional ingredients is evaluated and lead this way to guarantee the maximum functional result through the rational and contemporary action of them on the causes of the different skin problems.

Systems and technologies

The realisation of innovative formulating systems and the development of usable technologies makes it possible to optimize the functional action of the different ingredients so that efficacy and safety can be at their maximum levels.

Intellectual Property

The deposit of more than 30 International Patents (PCT) demonstrates the uniqueness of the company’s scientific research.

International distribution

Beyond the mother company and its subsidiaries in Poland and Germany, General Topics is present on international level, practically all over the world: in Europe, North America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Oceania having its products distributed in a total of 45 countries.

Professionalism and economicity

Synchroline is a brand that covers several product lines that are able to offer a solution for most skin problematics found in the dermo-cosmetical and dermatological field. During the development of the different ranges the focus was on important product characteristics such as scientific know how, effectiveness, completeness of the ranges and the ease of use.