LIPOACID Intensive

LIPOACID intensive – Free Radical Scavenger Synchronised System

A beneficial and effective anti-wrinkle cream that prevents and counteracts the signs of skin aging induced by external factors (photo-aging). Thanks to the synchronised action of Lipoic acid with Vitamin C it is possible to reduce the damage induced by free radicals, while the synchronised action of Lipoic Acid and Octadecenedioic acid controls the formation of dark skin spots, leaving an even skin tone and brighter skin on the face and neck. LIPOACID intensive cream is characterised by a beneficial moisturising effect and contains a UVA filter, an organic pigment which is not absorbed by the skin and counteracts the damage caused by ultraviolet radiation.

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Directions for use

Apply twice a day, morning and night, after cleansing thoroughly. This cream’s smoothing formula makes it an ideal base for make-up.