TERPROLINE GEL-Gentle Cleansing Gel

An innovative concept in cleansing: it performs a beneficial soothing effect while removing impurities with its deep-down yet delicate cleansing action.
Thanks to the virtues of distilled Melissa water and the properties of Hyaluronic acid, this active cleansing solution performs a beneficial normalising and elasticising action. Indicated for cleansing skin that has undergone a chemical peel (with AHA – Alpha Hydroxy Acids) or resurfacing treatment (laser peel).
A versatile product that can be used as both a facial cleanser (also to remove make-up – including the area around the eyes) as well as a bath & shower cleanser for the body.

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Directions for use

For cleansing the face and neck and for make-up removal, apply the appropriate amount of product and remove any excess with a cotton pad or, if necessary, rinse with water. For body cleansing, use it the same way as liquid soap/shower gel.