Perky Pearl

Just a few minutes after application, PerkyPearl® Day Cream SPF 15 gives the face a youthful and perky skin color, which becomes more and more evident day after day: PerkyPearl® Day CreamSPF15 stands out as the new frontier in days creams, offering a revolutionary formula which changes the way every woman takes care of herself, at every awakening.

PerkyPearl® Day Cream SPF 15 makes every woman’s face look immediately more attractive through the eyes of other people, as she will look immediately younger and healthier. Shortly after use, the skin is smooth and refined, amazingly soft and silky. PerkyPearl® Day Cream SPF 15 offers much more: as a multi-functional cream, its SPF 15 protects from UVA and UVB sun radiations, thus contrasting skin photo-ageing.
Its strong antioxidant action minimizes the action of free radicals, counteracting this way ageing lines and wrinkles.

PerkyPearl® Day Cream SPF 15 offers a deep hydrating action as well, providing a precious water reservoir where specifically needed.
PerkyPearl® Day Cream SPF 15 offers unique features: it’s soft and pleasant to use, perfectly spreadable, rapidly absorbed, light and persistent.

PerkyPearl® Day Cream SPF 15, thanks to its innovative technology, is suitable for all the facial skin, including the contour of eyes and lips and the neck.
PerkyPearl® Day Cream SPF 15 gives a brilliant, but not oily, look; it rather contrasts the greasy look often typical of oily skins.

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Directions for use

PerkyPearl® P2 cream: a small quantity is enough! Thanks to the special characteristics of fluidity and spreadability, a pearl of product is all you need for the whole face!
After cleansing the skin, apply PerkyPearl® P2 cream massaging gently until complete absorbtion.
PerkyPearl® P2 cream can be applied several times per day to intensify the perky and bright look of your face!
PerkyPearl® P2 cream is, furthermore, a perfect base for make-up, optimising its vivacity and durability during the day!