Rosacure Mask

ROSACURE® Mask – Leave-on Hidden Gel-Mask
Is a leave-on mask that does not need to be removed. Its innovative formulation is characterised by a marked soothing effect, and it is indicated to promote an increase in the skin’s tolerance threshold by reducing the intensity of discomfort feelings, such as itching and burning, typical of sensitive and hyper-reactive skin. It is the ideal product to keep couperose prone skin in good condition; its specific function makes it possible to control the presence and intensity of skin redness by reducing the visibility of small blood vessels generally visible at the zygomatic level.

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Directions for use

After cleansing the skin, apply 2,5 ml of mask gel (corresponding to 3 pumps from the airless bottle or to the contents of one sachet) on the face, massaging gently until completely and evenly spread. The mask does not need to be removed or washed off; should you wish to remove the product, it is advisable to do so using a dampened cotton pad.