SYNCHROVIT C is a pleasant and effective anti-wrinkle – antioxidant product that visibly improves the aesthetic qualities of the skin of face and neck affected by the presence of expression lines and wrinkles due to skin ageing. It has as well a smoothing, plumping and hydrating action.
The rationale of the interaction between scientific and technological aspects has resulted in the evolution of a product characterised by a high cosmetic efficacy. SYNCHROVIT C has been developed in such a way to reduce the risk of developing an allergy. SYNCHROVIT C is an excellent make up base. The serum is light and spreads easily. From the moment of application, it is rapidly absorbed without leaving any sticky or greasy residue.

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The special bottle has been selected to optimize the activity of vitamin C. This vitamin is known to be the least stable of all vitamins and is very sensitive to light, warmth and air. The concentrated serum is contained in the bottle. The vitamin C on the other hand is released in powder form from the container and mixed with the solution at the moment of the first application, so as to preserve its efficacy. The procedure for application is as follows:
1. Turn the cap until the membrane of the container breaks to release the pure Vitamin C into the solution in the bottle;
2. Shake for a few minutes in order to obtain complete dissolution;
3. Remove the cap;
4. Place the special applicator on the bottle;
5. Apply some drops on the face and neck using the special applicator. After thoroughly cleansing the skin, apply the serum massaging gently with the finger tips on the face and neck until complete absorption.

SYNCHROVIT C Serum can be applied once (preferably evening) or twice a day.