SYNCHROVIT Hyal Serum is designed to rapidly improve skin conditions through a targeted, in-depth action against chrono and photo-ageing signs.
The achievable results may be:
√ a moisturizing action;
√ smoothing of the skin texture;
√ increased elasticity and tone of the skin of the face and neck;
√ smoothing, plumping action able to reduce superficial and deep wrinkles.

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Directions for use

Use in the morning and/or evening.
After a thorough cleansing of the skin, apply a few pumps of the concentrated serum on the face and/or neck, massaging gently until completely and uniformly absorbed.
This innovative and effective serum may be also used to enhance the effect of other skincare procedures. When used as a base for other products (such as day or night creams), wait for the serum to be absorbed throughout, usually one minute, before applying other products.
Notes on the use of the syringe: remove the protective cap, press the plunger at the top of the syringe, and dispense the serum on the fingers. Spread it on the face/neck skin evenly.
Note: one pump provides approximately 0.2ml of concentrated serum. Three pumps, thanks to the serum’s smooth composition, are usually enough to cover the face (including eye and lip contour).
Post product usage note: close the syringe with the protective cap and place it inside its packaging.